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Clearing Up Evolution CBD 3-in-1 Nano Formula

Clearing Up Evolution CBD 3-in-1 Nano Formula

By EvolutionCBD   |   February 04, 2019

Evolution CBD released our 3-in-1 Nano formula in mid 2018 and it quickly become one of our more popular products.  Our retailers report that within weeks people were coming in search of 3-in-1 without a ton of marketing.  Word of mouth carried our new formula a ways.  However, we realized we hadn’t taken the time to answer a few questions about it.  Here are the basics.

There are three major ways to take cannabidiol into the body: the lungs, sublingually, or through the gut. There are also products that focus on external aches and discomfort, but those are discussed elsewhere on the blog.  Depending on one’s specific needs, each method of delivery can help accomplish different goals.

Vaping CBD

Vaporizing the CBD into a mist and breathing it into the lungs is a very popular method of cannabidiol delivery.  It’s familiar and it’s fast acting.  It’s also rabidly and conveniently available if stored in the pocket or purse.  Many of our customers who are using CBD to help with acute anxiety, panic attacks, or rapid onset pain management prefer vape products for their use-anywhere-anytime qualities.  Also, vaping remains among if not the fastest means of getting cannabidiol (CBD) into the bloodstreams and working.  Our Evolution CBD 3-in-1 formula is specifically engineered to be vapable as well as ingestible. We carry an ultra-flow mod and refillable tank that is convenient, simple, and discrete to use.

Sublingual CBD

One of the most widely known means of ingesting CBD is through a sublingual tincture.  Your mouth is filled with small blood vessels called capillaries.  In semipermeable tissues like the mouth, capillaries are so close to the surface that they can absorb certain things directly into the bloodstream.  A tincture of CBD is held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds in order to maximize absorption and then the remaining liquid is swallowed.  This is yet another fast means of delivery.  Evolution CBD 3-in-1 is tailored to work in the same way as our classic tinctures just with better absorption due to the nanotechnology at work in this product.

Systemic Absorption CBD

A lot of customers are looking to treat systemic issues.  It takes longer to get cannabidiol all the way through the GI, but uptake is more complete, it will be processed thoroughly through the GI and liver, and ongoing levels are more discretely manageable.  For those more concerned with maintaining a consistent background dose of CBD vs acute dosages, systemic delivery is best.    Our 3-in-1 is completely water soluble and our nanoformula for CBD assures maximum delivery throughout the metabolic process.

Evolution CBD 3-in-1 = Value, Efficiency, Efficacy

A number of our customers actually choose to use different types of CBD products in concert.  Combining a fast-acting vape product with a water soluble as a supplement is common, for instance. Even more still honestly don’t know yet which type of product works best for them and a little experimentation is in order.  Evolution CBD 3-in-1 Nano formula genuinely offers the best value for virtually every cannabidiol user.  Whether you’re looking for a vape, tincture, or ingestible CBD solution, this one product will meet your needs at a technological standard that tops the industry.