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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please return your product(s) within 60 days of the purchase date. You will receive a store credit on the cost of your order. Please note that shipping and handling costs are not refunded.

If you have further questions about our Wholesale Buyer Program, please contact us or call 855-700-7505. We look forward to assisting you.

CBD Wholesale Buyer Program

Since the beginning, Evolution CBD has provided you with the ​highest-quality CBD products available on the market. We were a part of the rollout for the ​first retail CBD store in the Nation. ​Also, our company launched the ​world’s first ​water soluble CBD product ​to the market. We have evolved over the years and we’re honored to invite you into our ​ CBD Wholesale Program​!

Reselling Wholesale CBD Products

Bulk CBD oil products are accessible to buy at wholesale prices with our program. Whenever you buy wholesale CBD oil products from a supplier, you want to choose a reputable source. With us, you don’t have to worry as we’ve built a solid reputation in the industry for the past five years and our award-winning products have won us certifications from the ​US Hemp Authority.​

Grow your business with EvolutionCBD! Do you qualify for the order requirements? You can register now to find out now!

Now as a CBD Oil Distributor, you can profit by ​offering your customers the leading brand of high-quality products in the CBD Industry. With our new CBD Wholesale Buyer Program, you benefit by ​accessing CBD products ​at wholesale prices. Whether you’re an existing CBD Oil distributor or a new company that is ready-to-launch your CBD distributor business, we welcome you to apply for your spot in our wholesale buyer program.

How the CBD Wholesale Program Works

Onboarding as a CBD Wholesaler is a very simple process and here is how our program works:

  1. Apply for Wholesale Buyer Account​. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will include your Login Information for the portal– from there, you can place your orders.
  2. Login to the portal and place your orders​. Remember, discounts are applied to your product purchases (which is based upon ​ wholesale prices — not including taxes, shipping and handling).
  3. Complete sale for your orders using the e-check method or with a 3.5% surcharge fee using your credit card.

Registration Notes:

  • After placing your order, look forward to ​receiving your shipment via UPS. Note, shipping upgrades are available at Checkout.
  • If you have any further questions about our Wholesale Buyer Program, please contact us​ or call 1-855-700-7505. We look forward to assisting you.

We Welcome You, CBD Oil Distributors

CBD oil distributor opportunities start here. As a CBD oil distributor, you have access to our entire product line. When you register as a new CBD wholesaler with our program, you additionally get access to your own executive dedicated wholesale representative to help you along with way. We put our experience to work for you as a partner in your success!

CBD Oil Distributor Opportunities

As a distributor of our CBD Wholesale Program, we support your success. The new CBD Oil distributor program with Evolution CBD enables your company to launch and grow a CBD Product line without the hassles!

At Evolution CBD, there are many ways to work together.

Become a CBD Distributor – Buy CBD Oil in Bulk!

When you buy in bulk, you profit from more earnings potential. Since 2016, we’ve quickly gained a reputation for providing the best choice CBD Bulk Buying options in the industry by delivering unmatched value for the top-quality line of CBD Products available in the industry! Put our knowledge and experience to the test and speak with a sales professional that can run the numbers for you.

How much will you save when you buy in bulk? ​Apply now ​to speak with a wholesale CBD sales professional.

Help your customers more with the numerous benefits of our products, including:
  • Aiding in stress management, and overcoming anxiety
  • Helps to improve the level-of-focus for many users
  • No psychoactive effects with our products
  • 100% Natural and Effective

Unique Capabilities and CBD Distributor Benefits

Due to our ​proprietary nanotechnology, wholesalers rely on us for buying their CBD at wholesale prices since ​our products may be 9x more bioavailable ​than leading competitors. Our competitive advantage becomes your leverage in the marketplace as this benefit allows the ​CBD product to quickly be absorbed in the body, and your customers will notice the difference in quality.

Buy Wholesale CBD Products With CBD Wholesale Prices

Buying wholesale justifies a wholesale CBD products cost. For as little as $250 total, you can stock your shelves with our CBD products. When you buy wholesale CBD products from us, you have the option to buy with all of the CBD oil wholesale prices displayed right from your online portal at Checkout. The CBD products wholesale pricing is easily accessible once you become a registered CBD Wholesaler!

As a valued member of the program, you will stand alongside other CBD distributors by participating in the wholesale program to buy all the ​CBD rich hemp oil for sale​ that you’ll grow to love– all while accessing the ​quality CBD Products at wholesale price!

Our CBD Resellers are empowered to buy CBD– at the wholesale prices– and you enjoy selling to your end-customers. Remember, these are the CBD Products which have already been ​market-tested ​and lab-tested to give you peace-of-mind throughout the experience!

Get Your Wholesale CBD Products

CBD Products are being offered on the market every day. Here’s your chance to get-in on the action! Check out our list of some of our common requests for bulk wholesale pricing!

CBD Oil Wholesale Products

With us, you can now wholesale CBD oil! ​Zero THC CBD oil products and full spectrum CBD oil wholesale products are now available.

CBD Edibles Wholesale Products

With Evolution, you can now wholesale CBD edibles!

  • CBD Gummies - ​ Enjoy the fruity, great-tasting gummy snack packed with your daily serving amounts of ​CBD in every bite​. For adults only!
  • CBD Water Solubles - ​ Water soluble CBD wholesale products come in many varieties, including, our famous ​30mL tincture​, ​ ​Extra Strength​ , and ​ 3-in-1​.
  • CBD Capsules - ​ Pop in a capsule, and move on with the day with these ​CBD capsules​ produced only from Evolution.

CBD Topicals Wholesale Products

With Evolution CBD, you can now buy wholesale topical products! Everything from topical ​lotions​, ​ serums​ and creams​ with CBD can be purchased at wholesale costs.

Additionally, you might consider buying our other CBD products at wholesale, including: lip revitalizers​, face creams​, and bath bombs​!!

If you have a request that you don’t see on the list and want to know whether we can help you, please register for an account and a rep will be in contact with you soon!

Access Bulk CBD Oil Prices

By now, everyone knows about the benefits of CBD Oil, though, not everyone knows where to ​order CBD oil online​ at wholesale prices. As a registered CBD wholesaler, you can buy your bulk CBD oil products and resell the products to earn a profit for your business!

CBD Wholesalers Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your needs, we can work with your budget to provide the wholesale CBD Products you want to sell for your business. When purchasing, you are enabled to spend $1000 on a credit card and then connect your checking bank account thereafter. You can start buying wholesale CBD products with a minimum of $250 to buy your products.

A variety of local businesses, startups, franchises, and more companies buy their wholesale CBD oil products through us.

For wholesale CBD for pets, we offer a wide-range of pet products for you to resell. We have CBD tinctures, water soluble for dogs and ​tincture products for dogs​. We also have ​CBD dog treats​ you can buy at wholesale prices.

We’ve seen it all. Many types of businesses buy wholesale-priced CBD to resell for their business. For example, a local tattoo parlor sells CBD product. There are several doctors and massage therapists that sell our topical products (eg ​under-eye serum​) to customers, and then of course local vape shops prefer to sell our products.The list goes on.

The costs involved for buying wholesale CBD products, include: the cost of the products, shipping & handling and your shipping upgrade options if you choose those during the Checkout process.

You can buy your wholesale CBD Oil full spectrum products through us.

With the private label and white label purchasing option, we are happy to speak with you. We can schedule a call with our CBD White Label Manager at whichever time works for you.

Right now, there’s a lot of excitement about our ​Evolution CBD 3 in 1 Solution​. The 3 in 1 Solution allows you to use it sublingually, add to your favorite drink as a water soluble product, and it can be used in your favorite device. With this solution, you essentially get the best of everything.

All of our products in the following categories sell really well, including: ​CBD oils​, topicals​, ​capsules​, pet products​ and ​gummies​!

From time to time, other products seem to be trending and there are some products that are certainly having their moment. For more insights into how to align the right products for your business, reach out and speak a salesperson or feel free to register for an account.

Yes​, now is your chance to dominate your market using the quality CBD products we manufacture and have it all under your own brand! When you white label CBD products with us, you’re working alongside one of the top CBD white label companies in the industry. This new offering requires a couple more steps to deliver you the products nicely-packaged as you’d expect, though, we’re eager to learn more about your project and help you succeed launching your new white label CBD offering.
Now offer your customers more with the many benefits of your products, including:

  • Aiding in body pain reduction, and reducing stress
  • Assisting in improving focus-levels for many users
  • The CBD Products we offer have no mind-altering effects
  • The whitelabel CBD products provided are 100% Natural and Effective

Our patent pending white label CBD stand-apart from competitors as no other CBD Wholesale Company can boast a technology that is purer nor as reliable (based on quality assurance batch-testing) on the market. If you’re looking for a great white label CBD Partner for the long-run, look no further than working with Evolution CBD!

Benefit today with our generous 60 Day Satisfaction guarantee, and get your new white label CBD Products shipped to you soon!

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