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CBD Oil Gummies are an easy way to take your daily serving of cannabidiol (CBD).  Not only do they provide you with a healthy amount of quality CBD in every bite, they also are great for taking with you on-the-go as the packaging enables you to reuse for later-use.  You can select the amount of gummies you crave by opening the packaging and choosing the gummies to suit your needs (see product description for recommended use).

Whenever you choose to ingest anything in your body, you will want to go in with confidence that the gummies you’re consuming are produced by a trusted CBD company.  When you buy your gummies at EvolutionCBD, you can trust that you are buying the gummy product you can rely upon for providing you with tasty CBD-infused gummy treats!

CBD Oil Gummies by EvolutionCBD

Each CBD Gummies ordercontains 100% terpene-rich pure CBD extract infused into the adult-only gummy candy.  With these products, you’re able to get your full spectrum cannabidiol hemp oil while satisfying your tastebuds.


CBD Oil Gummy Products

Gummies have always been a tasty, easy-to-eat snack.  With these gummies you can buy, you’re also getting your measured serving of CBD.  Our gummies provide you with the terpenes you need with our premium CBD hemp oil

The fruity taste of our gummies come in a variety of flavors. Get your CBD fix and chew on something to please your sweet tooth, too!


CBD Oil Gummies Frequently Asked Questions

Are the gummies as good as the oil?

Some customers say that CBD gummies are as good-- if not better--  than using CBD oil. It depends on who you ask and the need to compare the recommended serving amounts of CBD mg per serving. For example, a high-amount of CBD in a bitesize gummy piece of candy might have the same amount (or more) of concentrated CBD compared to a dropper of CBD oil in a tincture.

When to use CBD gummies?

Gummies are great for snacking on when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth craving and simultaneously need to take CBD for the situation you are facing.

Why use CBD gummy snacks?

You might consider using CBD Gummy snacks when you’re wanting to incorporate CBD in your lifestyle though you are looking for more variety. Gummies are a great solution to carry with you when you want to ingest CBD, though may not want it to be known that CBD is in the product (as gummies without CBD look the same as gummies with CBD). Additionally, gummies have a desirable taste over unflavored CBD.

Can I buy CBD gummies in bulk?

Yes, if you would like to purchase wholesale CBD gummies for sale, we have options for you.  You can buy bulk CBD gummies at wholesale prices (and other wholesale CBD edibles) by speaking a specialist with our wholesale department.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about your options.

How quickly will my gummies arrive?

We ship products as soon as possible. You will receive your gummies, oils and other CBD products as soon as possible. We aim to have it to you within the next week, though if you experience any delays our award-winning customer support is here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and leave us a message on our contact page or feel free to call us at (855) 700-7505.