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CBD Dog Treats Wholesale Products

When it comes to buying CBD products for pets, you're better off working with one of the top-rated CBD oil distributors to serve your needs.  At Evolution, CBD dog treat resellers have counted on our product line for over five years in providing quality, lab-tested CBD products to serve the needs of your pet owner customers.

Wholesale CBD Dog Treats & Options

When you choose to buy wholesale CBD dog treats from us, you're getting the good stuff.  Dog treats with CBD are just the kind of products that pet owner customers like to buy.  Unlike other types of pet CBD products on the market, the CBD dog treats that we offer are rich in terpenes and dogs seem to like the taste!

If you can imagine the thoughts that the dogs must have with our tasty beef and cheese dog tinctures, you might be drooling, too.  If you're reselling the dog treats in a US State that prohibits THC, we also offer a THC-free dog products to consider buying instead.

Access Wholesale CBD Dog Treat Prices

When you want to buy our line of CBD wholesale products, you will want to speak with our wholesale specialists.  Our specialists will provide you with the media kit of products as well as enable website access so you can start buying the CBD dog treats at wholesale prices.

Typically, you can buy CBD dog treats at 50% off the retail price!  This provides you with an enormous advantage to buy at wholesale, and resell at retail value.

Buy Wholesale CBD Dog TreatsToday

The process to buy wholesale CBD dog treats is very simple.  Using your existing login, you can simply browse the online store and select the products with the wholesale price presented during checkout.