Nano CBD - A CBD Nanotechnology by Evolution

Useful cannabidiol (CBD) requires a certain process for it being bioavailable in the body.  Bioavailability is required for the CBD to actually be effective.  After all, if you buy a product with high CBD content and your body is only able to biologically absorb a small portion of the CBD, how valuable is that product, really?

Our proprietary nanotechnology makes products 9x more bioavailable than leading competitors’, which allows for faster and more efficient absorption into the body. 

What is Nano CBD - The CBD Nanotechnology

CBD Nanotechnology ("nano CBD") refers to the process that enables our unique emulsifying process to split the large lipid balls of cannabinoids into smaller-sized particles.  When the lipid balls are broken down thousands of times (at the molecular level),  nano CBD oil is the result from putting the cannabinoids through this process.  The smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the cells of your body to absorb it.

The scientific definition of a nano molecule requires that it must measure under 100 nanometers (nm).  Nano enhanced CBD oil by EvolutionCBD goes even further.  Our nano enhanced oils enable an average droplet size of 60 nm-- and that is accomplished without phosphates nor harmful chemicals.

What Nano Enhanced CBD Oil Can Do For You

Evolution’s nanotechnology represents the ultimate refinement of hemp oil concentrate.  A provisional patent was filed by our CEO in October of  2017. Our nanotechnology is made unique by our emulsifiers, as they enable us to make a stable emulsion with an average droplet size of 55 nm to 60 nm.   This capability enables us to lead the field with effective water soluble nano CBD and more CBD products.  Other water soluble products that claim to be nano products are actually micro emulsions - they use 50-year-old liposomal technology that requires large amounts of phosphates and produces droplets measuring between 400-600 nm. In other words, their products are 8.5 times larger than ours. 



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