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Evolution Water Soluble CBD vs Oil: What’s the Difference?

Evolution Water Soluble CBD vs Oil: What’s the Difference?

By EvolutionCBD   |   April 17, 2020

You know how popular CBD products have become in the last few years.

To make these products, manufacturers derive cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant.  The result is an oil, as this is the compound’s natural form.  Many manufacturers then infuse the substance into edibles (candies, capsules, etc.). 

The problem with this? Our bodies don’t do a good job of absorbing oil-based products, meaning we don’t experience the full effects of CBD with that method. 

In this post, we look at how we get around this.  We also cover how water soluble CBD offers a solution, and we provide clarification on CBD water soluble vs oil. 


Consuming Oil-Based CBD Products

Orally consuming oil-based products is not the most effective way to absorb CBD.  Here’s why… 

We all know that oil and water don’t mix, and water makes up more than half of our bodies.  So, when we try to orally consume oil-based products, the CBD doesn’t work its way into our systems as well as water soluble products. 

Additionally, when we consume the substance orally, we must consider that first-pass metabolism is at play. 

This phenomenon reduces the compound’s overall bioavailability.  By the time the CBD reaches our stomachs, there is much less of the substance available for our bodies to uptake.  With less of the substance reaching systemic circulation, we aren’t able to feel its full effects. 

Other Uses for Oil-Based Products

Orally consuming oil-based products isn’t the best method for absorbing CBD.  That being said, there are other, more effective consumption methods for CBD oil. 

We use oil in serums and creams.  Because you don’t consume these orally, they allow you to absorb CBD much better.  Rubbing the product on your skin delivers the substance directly into your system.  And, with these methods, the substance doesn’t interact with inhibiting first-pass metabolism mechanisms.

The Best Way to Consume CBD Orally

Serums and creams work for some people. But what if you prefer oral consumption?

The best way to consume CBD orally is through a water soluble CBD product.

This is because water soluble CBD products overcome the first-pass metabolism effect.  They deliver CBD to your stomach in a way that keeps its bioavailability intact.  More of the substance will make its way into your system, meaning you’ll be able to better feel its effects. 

Consider this: let’s say you have two 30mg CBD Products—one is water-soluble, the other is oil-based.  With the latter, you may only absorb 10mg of CBD. With the former, however, you will get closer to 30mg of the substance. 

Why Water-Soluble Products?

Why might someone choose water soluble products over oil-based tinctures, creams, etc.?

Technically, all of these options can be effective.  They retain CBD availability and allow you to feel its effects.  However, water soluble products make getting your serving amount much easier.  People use convenient options such as capsules and gummies as effortless, discreet consumption methods. 

Water soluble products may take a little longer to absorb. This is because our bodies have to digest, whereas topical creams immediately enter your system.  However, some users like this brief delay because they experience a more even experience rather than sudden effects.

Versatile water soluble products are also a popular option. With a versatile CBD oil product, you can easily measure them out to take sublingually, use with your favorite device or add them to any drink or meal.  From your morning coffee to lasagna, they’ll blend into pretty much any food.  They  are an effortless and tasty way to get your serving amount of CBD. 

Watch Out for Oil-Based Edibles

If water soluble products are the best for oral consumption, why do we still make oil-based products designed for oral consumption?

It’s largely because people still want to buy them. They either want to stay with the tried-and-true method that works for them or they haven't become aware of the water soluble CBD benefits.

Some people may also be satisfied with the more mild effects they feel.  Oil-based products will introduce CBD into your system, just not as effectively as water solubles. 

So, next time you see candies, capsules, or drinks that are oil-based, know that they won’t work nearly as well as as water soluble products. 

Water Soluble CBD vs Oil: The Takeaway

In short… 

Orally consuming oil-based products won’t do you much good. If you use oil-based products, opt for serums or creams

If you want to orally consume CBD, use a water soluble product.  This will ensure that you receive an adequate serving.  And, it will allow you to incorporate it in your favorite foods and drinks!