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Shop 15 mg CBD Capsules for Sale

CBD Oil Capsules are the easiest way to take your daily serving of cannabidiol (CBD). With EvolutionCBD, you can count on only buying premium CBD capsules that are high quality and lab-tested.

The CBD oil capsules for sale from EvolutionCBD contain 100% terpene-rich CBD extract. This process is 100% organic and proudly made in the USA.

You have options when you buy your CBD capsules through us. Our CBD oil capsule containers provide you with the option to choose between purchasing a container with 30 capsules or 60 capsules. With either choice, you’re getting 15 mg of ultra concentrated terpene-rich CBD hemp oil per capsule.

When you buy your pills and capsules through EvolutionCBD, you have several options as our CBD Capsules come in a variety of sized-containers. You can buy CBD Oil capsules on our shop or select the product you want to buy right now.

What makes our CBD Capsules for Sale Different

Compare CBD capsules across the web, and you won't find an offer like Evolution's -- hemp oil CBD capsules are one of EvolutionCBD's top-selling products! Unlike the serving amount you might receive taking a CBD oil, our CBD pure hemp oil capsules provide a measured way to consume your CBD for the day. With CBD oils, you're using the tincture to estimate an accurate proportion using the dropper before consuming the CBD within your system. Estimations can be a bit off when you use a tincture; with capsules you don't have this concern.

When you buy CBD capsules online with us, you have options. We have options for when you select your choice of CBD capsule product with 15mg of pure CBD in each capsule. For example, you can get a container or 60 capsules (which includes 900mg of CBD total in the container) or you can opt for a smaller container. Our smaller container of capsules includes 30 capsules (for 450mg of CBD total in the container). Get your 15 mg CBD capsules today!

Capsules are great to use throughout the day. Thanks to our unique extraction process and lab tests verifying the results, we've accomplished the ability to ensure consistency across all of the capsules to ensure the exact amount of cannabidiol is added to each CBD capsule. Our capsules are 100% natural and all of our CBD capsules for sale serve as an easy way to get your serving for the day.


CBD Capsule Product Testing

We take consumer safety serious. That’s why our capsules product line undergoes such rigorous CBD product testing and analysis. Every CBD capsule product you buy from us will include an accessible way to review the product lab reports. Beyond its purpose of being in compliance with the regulations in place, providing you with transparency of the product tests is another way in which we strive to showcase how our premium CBD capsule products compare to others in the marketplace.


CBD Oil Capsules Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD capsules legal?
Yes, our CBD Capsules are legal in all 50 US States. As long as the product contains less than .03% THC, the product is legal in all States. Though, in some states, higher-levels of THC are also acceptable. Note: you can also purchase CBD pill capsules from us which are THC-free.

Are CBD capsules as effective as drops?
CBD Capsules are quite effective and some suggest that capsules are even more effective than oil drops. Though, it seems that it’s just a matter of opinion. Scientifically, we utilize the same proprietary nanotechnology for producing oils as we do with capsules. Every body is different. Therefore, some might experience that capsules are more effective using CBD while others might choose another route.

Which CBD capsules are the best?
Our process with using nanotechnology to manufacture the product gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace, and gives you peace of mind.  Take that into consideration when reviewing the CBD capsules to buy for your hard-earned money!

How quickly will my CBD capsules arrive?
We ship products as soon as possible. You will receive your CBD capsules, oils and other products as soon as possible. We aim to have it to you within the next week, though if you experience any delays our award-winning customer support is here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and leave us a message on our contact page or feel free to call us at (855) 700-7505.