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As one of the premiere CBD companies in the United States, we have the unique capability to serve your needs by producing a variety of topical products using our high-quality CBD. This capability enables us to provide you with a variety of topical products that you can buy, including: CBD Creams, Lotions and Serums.

CBD Topicals by EvolutionCBD

The CBD Topicals from EvolutionCBD contain high amounts of CBD you’d expect from our product line, and protect you from heavy metals or insecticides which are sometimes found in other competitors’ products. With EvolutionCBD Topicals, our products are produced using the highest-quality hemp oil available in America and our farming processes ensure all non-GMO hemp meets standards for being utilized as the valuable ingredient within our CBD topical products.

The result is a topical product which is rich in terpenes and can be utilized in a variety of ways for our line of topical products that you can buy on our shop.

CBD Creams

CBD Topical Creams are typically used for anti-inflammatory purposes, as it only takes a little to go a long way for relief.  With the topical cream, you simply dab your finger into the container of CBD Cream and apply to the skin by patting the cream onto the affected area.  Whether you're looking to buy the 250 topical cream or 500 topical cream, we have the quality CBD with the right mg amounts you need. Additionally, the replenishing face cream is also becoming a hot-selling item!

CBD Lotions

CBD Topical Lotions help to promote skin revitalization and leave you with incredibly smooth soft skin. The added benefit with our lotions is that the hydrating CBD lotion leaves no greasy residue on the skin which separates us from competing brands. With the topical lotion, you dab a bit of lotion on your finger and simply apply to the skin.

CBD Serums

CBD Serums are useful to promote anti-aging and leaves the skin silky smooth. There are several types of serums available. Depending on your goal, you might benefit from our line of under-eye CBD serums which help to reduce puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes. Other types of topical serums we offer are useful for pain management with the added benefit of leaving the skin smooth.


CBD Topical Product Testing

We take consumer safety serious. That’s why our topicals product line undergoes such rigorous CBD product testing and analysis. Every CBD topical product you buy from us will include an accessible way to review the product lab testing results. Beyond its purpose of being in compliance with the regulations, providing you with transparency of the topical product tests is another way in which we strive to showcase objectively how our premium CBD topical products compare to others in the marketplace.


CBD Oil Topicals Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EvolutionCBD the best source to find CBD topical products on the market?
We are proud of the fact that we’re among America’s fastest growing CBD brands. Depending on who you ask, there are many reasons why EvolutionCBD offers the best CBD topicals around. From a scientific standpoint, the cannabinoids from our products are sourced from the top-rated hemp farms in the country. Additionally, the hemp we source is always top-quality grade hemp which is grown using non-GMO practices throughout the process.

Are CBD topical products legal?
Yes, our CBD topicals are legal in all 50 US States.

How quickly will my CBD topical products arrive?
We ship products as soon as possible. You will receive your CBD topicals, oils and other products as soon as possible. We aim to have it to you within the next week, though if you experience any delays our award-winning customer support is here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and leave us a message on our contact page or feel free to call us at (855) 700-7505.