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Refresh and Renew with CBD in 2019

Refresh and Renew with CBD in 2019

By EvolutionCBD   |   January 03, 2019

The New Year is all about rejuvenation. It’s a time to refresh and renew.  As a culture, many of us use this as a chance to take stock of our needs.   Reorienting our goals for the coming fifty-two weeks  is important. Many of us head to the gym.  Others strip the refrigerator bare in an attempt to offset some of our holiday indulgences.  A lot of folks feel the need to impress the office during January.  after all, next to nothing has been accomplished since Thanksgiving and that Q2 project delivery is looming ever nearer.

To put it plainly, most of us probably heap a great deal of stress on ourselves in our attempt to “rejuvenate” and “renew”. (some of it necessary, some of it not) It’s clearly important to hold yourself accountable during these months of renewal. Everyone wants to see you succeed in your goals.  However, it’s important to remember that you are also accountable to yourself for self-care.

Whether it’s grinding it out at the gym or burning the midnight oil at the office, placing heightened demands on yourself will take a toll on your body.  Taking the timeout to sooth and comfort yourself will help your body stay refreshed.  That in turn will definitely improve your chances of staying focused and intent in your new mission.

That’s why we’re so proud to carry a broad range of soothing and restorative CBD and hemp oil body products.  We certainly focus on the systemic benefits of cannabidiol. But we also understand the ongoing importance of self-care and the benefits of an occasional “spa day”.

For daily maintenance, we have body products such as lotions, lip balms, as well as a face cream and eye serum for those tough to manage corners.  We carry a line of muscle creams and a topical serum incorporated with DMSO for fast acting needs. For that extra indulgent day, we also have a line of aroma therapeutic bath bombs. They’re geared to strip all the day’s (or even the week’s) stress right out of your body.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you in 2019.  Visit our category of body products today and treat yourself this new year season!