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Evolution Mask Disinfectant Spray

The perfect complement to your face mask, non-toxic and gentle on the skin!

• 4 oz bottle of mask disinfectant

• Approximately 100 cleanings per bottle

• Made with EPA Approved chemical, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)

• 45 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

Weight: 0.312
Usage: Store Above 32° & Spray mask as necessary
Ingredients: Electrolyzed Oxygenated H20 99.975%, HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) 0.025%
Availability: In Stock

Mask Disinfectant Spray (4 oz) Product Details

With the COVID-19 issues still looming around our country, we wanted to provide you a professional option to protect your health.  This 4 oz size mask disinfectant spray can sanitize 100 masks so you can re-fresh and re-wear your existing mask with peace of mind.  This disinfectant spray works with any mask and can be used at any time.   

The mask spray cleaner uses Hypochlorous Acid which is environmentally-friendly.  The disinfectant spray consists of a non-toxic deodorizer that is 100% safe and effective for everyday use.

The mask spray sanitizer utilizes a newer technology that many are not aware of being a game changer in effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. The active ingredient in this product is called Hypochlorous Acid and is approved by the EPA for use in medical facilities and even in the food production process. 


Product Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we receive about this product.


Which mask spray benefits does this product provide?

The bacteria-fighting chemical Hypocholorous Acid (HOCL) ensures your mask is refreshed to re-wear at any time.  The non-toxic disinfectant is gentle on the skin, and can sanitize 100 masks with every container.


How does the mask spray work?

The mask spray works simply by holding the bottle approximately 6 inches from your mask and then lightly spraying in short bursts to cover both sides (of the mask).  Mask spray directions further state that there is no need to over-saturate the mask, and to enable it to air dry.  One method is to hang the mask so that air can circulate on both sides.  Within a few minutes, the mask will dry and be ready to use once again.


Can I spray mask with other disinfectants to sterilize the mask?

Though there are many methods for how to sterilize a face mask on the internet, we're not big fans of using agents such as rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach nor essential oils as some prescribe.  Instead, mask spray COVID-focused products must be effective and proven to provide results.  That's why we follow guidance from the EPA when producing the EPA-approved chemical, Hypocholorous Acid (HOCL) with the manufacturing of this product found to be effective fighting germs and viruses!


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No lab report available as this product does not include cannabidiol (CBD).

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