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Science Behind CBD Oil

CBD is a big deal, and in 2019, it saw a lot of newsworthy stories. More people than ever are turning to CBD oil, especially in the United States, because it’s affordable when compared to traditional remedies. And, it’s been shown to be just as effective as many options. So, in 2020, we’re expecting to see a lot more research and, hopefully, more doors opening for people who are in need of the wellness improvements that CBD can provide.

The Science Behind CBD Oil is Coming

For years, science has been a bit slow in developing studies for the science behind CBD and that's mostly due to the federal regulations prohibiting marijuana across the country.  Though, some states have been legalizing the use of marijuana for, both, medical and recreational purposes, the federal laws have been restrictive for legitimate labs enthusiastic about putting CBD oil to the test.

That has been the case up to the passing of the Farm Bill which enabled the sale of CBD across the United States.  This was a step forward for many scientific labs as it provided new opportunities to test the material of the cannabis plant in order to organize studies.

This is promising for the market, as both, consumers and producers aren't able to correlate CBD oil with healthy benefits as governmental agencies, such as the FDA, are the organizing bodies to allow such claims.  Claims of health benefits are the result of scientific studies.  With the recent laws enabling science to test the cannabis plant, we know that more scientific studies are in the works.

So far, the FDA has approved a drug derived from cannibidiol called Epidiolex.  The industry can only speculate as to which other forms of CBD will be approved in the coming months or years.  With the science of the endocannabinoid system already widely-known in the industry, it will be fascinating to see which new scienfically-confirmed ailments are aided with the use of CBD Oil.

To get ahead of the changing marketplace, we're offering the best quality CBD Oil on the market as its already legal in all 50 States due to the Farm Bill (stated above).  This also provides an opportunity for existing businesses to offer quality CBD products, and we have developed a robust CBD distributors program for just these types of buyers.  Feel free to contact us for more details on either of these options, and we'll see how the industry evolves to the changing environment as more scientific studies are released to the public.