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Water Soluble CBD Wholesale Products

The water soluble CBD wholesale products are one of the reasons why we exist.  With our water solubles, you can mix the contents in any drink (water, tea, etc) which is one of the reasons why these products have become the preferred alternative to other types of CBD oils.  At Evolution CBD, we have become the leader in water solubles and now you can buy our products at wholesale prices.

Water Soluble CBD Wholesale Options

Water soluble CBD products come in many options for you to choose.  For example, you can buy water soluble tinctures, CBD extra strength water solubles, topical serums, and our famous 3-in-1 water soluble products.  

Access Water Soluble CBD Wholesale Prices

Our wholesale department enables you to easily become a CBD oil distributor, and we have the line of the CBD products available that you can buy at wholesale prices -- to then resell at retail prices for your customers.  Wholesale prices enable you to buy the products at 50% of the retail value, in some cases!

Buy Water Soluble CBD Wholesale Products Today

Whenever you're ready to buy water soluble CBD wholesale products, we have the product line and qualified team to assist you.  Simply reach-out and contact the wholesale department.