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Explore The Evolution CBD Advantage

Explore The Evolution CBD Advantage

By EvolutionCBD   |   August 29, 2018

The Evolution CBD Advantage

We’ve all read the research and news articles about CBD (cannabidiol). Many people say that industrial hemp oil has offered them immense relief.  There are literally hundreds of CBD brands emerging as more people discover its utility for their ongoing supplement needs.  Added attention brings a lot of good quality products and producers, but just as many goodly number of get-rich-quick opportunists.  Some producers may not be delivering the most ethically produced or effective cannabidiol products.  Evolution CBD is at the very top of the bunch for quality and effective hemp oil.


Evolution’s founding team has more than a decade of combined experience in the broader cannabis industry.  Our executive team has cannabis consulting clients in every med and recreational state, a closed loop cannabis extraction company, hemp farming and isolate manufacturing interests.  Evolution CBD has verticality within the industry sector. We also have the up and down expertise at every level of production to maximize customers’ experience.

Industry Leading Technology

Evolution CBD has been a technology leader in hemp oil and CBD delivery since their inception.  We offer virtually every means of ingesting or applying cannabidiol possible.  Evolution carries classic vape products and tinctures to body lotions and topical serums with DMSO for better spot application in tissues. We have products tuned for many different conditions or preferences.

One of our first products was a patent-pending water-soluble product.  This allows for near perfect mixing of CBD (a lipid soluble product) with any water-based beverage (tea, coffee, juices, etc). These water-soluble products improved systemic delivery for many of our customer. This is an easier to introduce to the gastrointestinal system than through capsules and other products we carry. We carry natural hemp and many other flavor options.

Innovating Emerging Capabilities

That wasn’t enough for us though.  Evolution is alway focused on innovation.  We turned our attention toward the development of a nanotechnology for cannabidiol delivery.  Our “nano” formula breaks the cannabidiol down to very small bits of the compound.  This improves absorption in your GI system by orders of magnitude. 

Evolution recently introduced a 3-in-1 Nano formula. Yet another step forward in innovative cannabidiol products. The 3-in-1 can be used as a vape refill, a sublingual tincture, or a water soluble product.  This convenience and versatility gives our customers the opportunity to regulate their method and timing of intake with much more accuracy.

Refining CBD delivery to the level of nanotech has permitted our customers to better gauge and measure titration and have confidence that much closer to 100% if the CBD they are ingesting is being absorbed for use by their endocannabinoid system.