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DMSO and CBD Topical Products

As a preliminary, let's discuss what DMSO and CBD are before diving into the details for how it relates to our products.

DMSO is an abbreviation and it stands for dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) .  The DMSO is commonly known for penetrating the "skin and other membranes without damaaging them," according to Wikipedia.  DMSO was first discovered by Stanley Jacob in 1963 and since that time, there's been many innovations as it pertains to skincare including its ability to increase the absorption rate for our CBD topicals.

When combined with cannabidiol (CBD), compounding benefits occur with a cream that is rich in CBD-contents along with the DMSO's ability to help the skin absorb all of the natural ingredients.  

DMSO and Cannabinoids

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the industrial hemp plant.  DMSO and cannabinoids have a harmonious relationship when mixed together.  Learn more about our process as we have become the leading CBD manufacturer that successfully mix DMSO with CBD which has earned us the US Hemp Authority Certification!

CBD Under Eye Serum

DMSO CBD oil is used when producing our CBD eye serum.  The CBD DMSO roll on application enables the user to apply the substance just below the eyes (by using the roller-ball) and penetrate the skin for providing the natural goodness of a CBD serving.  See even on the most sensistive skin types, when combining DMSO and CBD, can provide wonderful results to maintain provide excellent nutritional value!

Topical Serum

Similarly, CBD topical serums use the DMSO with CBD.  With the topical serum, the product can be applied to other areas of the body with satisfactory results.  By using the dropper, the serum is squeezed gently onto the area of the skin that needs the most relief.  Notice when using, how quickly the serum absorbs into the skin and results are felt.  That's partly due to the DMSO doing its magic!

For those in need, we also provide a THC-free topical CBD serum which you might enjoy.

CBD Topical Creams

DMSO and CBD go well together with to our CBD topical cream 250mg product for similiar reasons.  DMSO in CBD cream provides an effective way for the CBD to penetrate the skin and serve as a carrier into the body.  DMSO in CBD Cream has come a long way since its early days.  Now, with our standardized manufacturing processes we helped to spearhead, an industry has been made to produce these types of CBD infused DMSO creams of all types!

Answers to Your Questions

Can I mix DMSO with CBD oil?

CBD and DMSO can be mixed, but we wouldn't recommend you mixing any ole CBD oil with DMSO.  You see, there's a certain refinement process needed and it takes a standard manufacturing process to mix the two together in order to get the preferred results.  Please note, standard CBD Oils are for oral consumption while DMSO is a topical product.  When you mix the DMSO and CBD oil using standard methods, then it results in the quality CBD serums and creams that you're accustomed to!

What is DMSO cream good for?

DMSO creams are good for serving as a carrier of compounds (such as CBD) to penetrate the skin in order to receive the natural benefits of using industrial hemp topical products.

Where can I purchase DMSO and CBD infused products?

You can purchase your DMSO and CBD infused products in all 50 US States by visting our online store today!