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Evolution CBG Oil

With this CBG oil, we are paving the way in minor cannabinoid research and combining this with our proprietary nanotechnology.

• 600 mg total CBG content

• Approximately 30 servings per bottle

• Add CBG drops to any drink for full-effect

• Lab-verified for purity and potency

• 45 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

Weight: 0.06
Size: 30mL
Strength: 600mg
Container: Glass bottle with a dropper
Category: CBG Products
Availability: In Stock

CBG Oil Product Details

Experience Evolution’s next revolutionary blend of cannabinoids for alertness and focus. With this new CBG Oil, we are paving the way in combining breakthrough research with our proprietary nanotechnology to deliver the water soluble CBG oil product for the market.

Instead of experiencing jitters as you would with other caffeinated beverages, with Evolution’s Water Soluble CBG Oil, simply add a drop or two from the bottle to any beverage and consume for a boost. Now you can harness the power of the hemp plant to energize!

Buy CBG Oil for Sale

When you want to skip the side effects of energy drinks or coffee, it might be time to switch-it-up and buy CBG Oil from a manufacturer you trust. Our website provides you with the type of CBG oil which is legal to purchase in all 50 States of America so you always know where to buy CBG oil for sale no matter where ever you live in the country.

  • Improve alertness with high-quality water soluble CBG for sale
  • Each dropper contains approximately a 5mg serving of nanoed-CBG
  • Three of the top terpenes that contribute to focus are included in the product

CBG oil uses differ, though, many customers use this product as a substitute to other stimulants. Evolution is committed to provide the best CBG oil offered on the market. If you have any questions prior to completing your CBG oil purchase, please reach out to our support team to assist you further. 


Additional Details

Total CBG: 600 mg

Daily Value: Not established. Cannabigerol is a natural constituent of Hemp Oil.


Product Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBG (cannabigerol) water soluble or oil soluble?

Evolution’s CBG is water soluble and that’s due to our capabilities to nano the CBG-- just like we nano CBD products-- with our patent-pending proprietary nanotechnology. Since the CBG is a water soluble, the product can be added to other beverages and still be effective. Comparing this with a CBG oil soluble, a water soluble CBG product can be served in many ways and doesn’t require dispensing the CBG oil under the tongue in order for it to work properly.

How do you take CBG Oil?

To use the water soluble CBG Oil, simply add a drop (or two) from the dropper to any drink. The CBG contents will dissolve in your favorite beverage, and you can consume your drink as normal. The nanoed-CBG is a more effective way to receive your CBG serving amounts.

Do you offer CBG Oil Wholesale Pricing?

Yes, our wholesale department can assist you if you’re interested in purchasing bulk CBG oil at wholesale cost. Reach out and let them know what you need!

Shipping & delivery

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