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Most Potent CBD Oil for Sale

Once you start getting familiar with taking your CBD oil on a regular basis, you might be wondering about which Evolution products are the most potent CBD oils for sale?  On the product labels, you're familiar with seeing the "mg" on the label and you might be curious to know about what separates one product from another-- in the same-sized bottle!  We want to provide you with more clarity by understanding how to navigate this concern.

How potent is CBD oil?

CBD oil exists due to it being sourced from the hemp plant material.  The hemp plant material is sourced from the hemp plant.  The potency of the oil is largely affected by the potency of the hemp plant in which it was sourced. 

For instance, our CBD products go through a transformation process and that's why our company is known as a seed-to-sale producer.  We source our CBD from hemp which is grown from hemp farms that are known for their high-potency output.  The potency of the CBD products is lab tested and available to review on our website.

What is the most potent CBD oil?

We get asked daily about which of our products are the most potent.  If you were to buy water soluble CBD from us, you already know that the contents help you almost instantly.  The reason why our products are so useful for the body's endocannabinoid system is because our products have been nanoed using our proprietary technology.  Because of this, the body is able to absorb the CBD up to 10x faster due to the exponential increase in bioavailibility of our products.  With this in mind, our products are often credited as being more efficient in the body than other competitors which makes it difficult to compare apples-to-apples: that is because with a more efficient product in the body, it's difficult to compare us against other "mg" options.

To provide you with an important answer, the extra strength CBD product is our product with the highest strength with 900mg per bottle.