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CBD for Athletes and What You Need to Know

CBD for Athletes and What You Need to Know

By Evolution CBD   |   November 05, 2020

Athletes have to push their bodies in ways that people are not used to in everyday life. Because of this reality, companies are trying to find different ways to deliver cannabidiol to athletes and help them achieve their game goals. Many athletes experiment with higher-potency versions of traditional cannabidiol products.  

How are athletes able to consume CBD? Is it legal? Is it safe? 

Below, we're going to answer these questions for you. We'll tell you everything you need to know about athletics and CBD, including whether cannabidiol is truly safe, legal, and beneficial to all players.

Cannabidiol (CBD) for Athletes

The first question you must have: Is CBD oil legal for athletes? 

CBD use in athletes is completely legal. Even though it used to be a heavily-regulated substance, many players are now able to consume it. The 2018 Farm Bill passed by the 115th US Congress declared hemp to no longer be a federally-controlled substance. This was big news for US athletes, as this law meant they could freely consume cannabidiol as long as it only had trace amounts of THC. 

In the same year, the World Anti-Doping Agency took CBD off of its list of banned substances for competitors. It was found not to be addictive, so players at all levels can consume it as they please.  

However, these new laws don't mean that CBD is beneficial. 

Is CBD oil good for athletes? Well, that really depends on the individual. Cannabidiol's effects in athletes will vary depending on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include:

  •           Height and weight
  •           Desired effects
  •           Level of competitiveness
  •           Unique reaction to cannabidiol

Not everyone will have the same experience with cannabidiol products. Competitors should always start by taking a small serving amount. From there, they can modify their serving amount until they achieve the desired effects. 

Can CBD Help Athletes?

So, does CBD help athletes? Whether CBD is good for athletes depends on whether it can help the player perform at their best. Many who play sports have found that the substance improves their performance in one way or another. 

You may be wondering exactly how CBD helps athletes. Some issues that cannabidiol can help combat include:

  •           Muscle relaxing characteristics: Whether during training or on game day, players exert themselves in unbelievable ways. They push, pull, and twist their muscles with maximum exertion. Cannabidiol has been known to aid players through the muscle recovery process. It often helps them return to the weight room or playing field ready to once again give it their all.
  •           Provides essential fatty acids: Athletes must maintain the proper physique to compete in their sport. Cannabidiol has been known to suppress appetite in some individuals. This property of cannabidiol can help competitors adhere to their strict diets, avoid overeating, and maintain their current physique.
  •           Pre-game nerves: Competitors often have a lot on the line. Whenever they have to perform in a game or in front of a panel of judges, they have to give everything they have. The stress of needing to perform their best can cause them to experience nervousness. If not handled properly, this unnecessary stress can affect their overall performance. Many athletes use CBD to stay calm and focused on what's ahead.


The best CBD oil for athletes will have varying effects on different individuals. For example, some people can experience weight gain instead of weight loss. The substance might affect a competitor's appetite in one way or another. Some people can experience weight gain, while others can experience weight loss. 

A player should know their goals and the effect that cannabidiol has on them before committing to its long-term use. The only way competitors can analyze the CBD athletes benefits on their own bodies is to experiment with the substance. 

CBD Oil Endorsed by Athletes 

Athletes taking CBD oil is not a new concept. Players across many fields have been endorsing it for years.  

Some athletes that use CBD have even found a way to make products available for amateur sports enthusiasts. For example, former cyclist Floyd Landis founded a brand that focuses on distributing player-focused products for anyone to purchase and consume. 

Similarly, Ashlee Powers, who is an accomplished long-distance runner and 2020 Olympic Trials qualifier, started her own cannabidiol recovery bars company.  

There are plenty of successful athletes who endorse cannabidiol products and help others get the ones they need. There are also competitors who actively use CBD to enhance their performance.

Athletes promoting CBD is also popular in the world of American football. Big names like Rob Gronkowski, David Ahrens, and Terrell Davies have all praised CBD.  

UFC brothers Nate and Nick Diaz are prime examples of athletes endorsing CBD. The amount of physical strain that Mixed Martial Arts fighters endure makes these individuals perfect candidates for cannabidiol. The brothers advocate for cannabidiol because of its natural origin, and they prefer it over prescription medication. Gina Mazany is another UFC fighter who has publicly discussed how she uses cannabidiol to recover from fatiguing matches.  UFC fighter Lyoto Machida is a brand ambassador for Evolution CBD.

Cannabidiol use is popular among competitors in all sports. Although golf isn’t as physically demanding as other sports with more contact, it still requires a lot of physical exertion and mental strength. American golfer Lucas Glover uses cannabidiol to stay calm under pressure in big tournaments. Other golfers like Bubba Watson and Charley Hoffman also use cannabidiol for its calming effects.  

What CBD Do Athletes Use?

Athletes who use CBD try a variety of cannabidiol products. CBD for athletes recovery products include skin creams, infused foods and beverages, oils, and tinctures. 

When it comes to CBD for athletes' recovery, any of the above products can significantly help. Some other CBD benefits after workout include reduced inflammation and moisturized skin. 

The CBD recovery benefits are plentiful, so competitors all around the world trust this substance to help them perform their best. Players don't just trust cannabidiol during a game, but also in the gym. 

CBD Products for Athletes

When it comes to deciding which product to take, there are certain considerations to make like, how much CBD should athletes take? You will also want to consider, what CBD form is most effective?

Below, we'll explore the three most common forms of cannabidiol that competitors take.

CBD Cream for Athletes

CBD athletic cream is for topical use. When incorporated into players’ regular routines, CBD topicals can be incredibly beneficial.  

Long hours spent in the hot sun or a swimming pool can damage any competitor’s skin. The regular application of cannabidiol creams can restore athletes’ skin by toning and tightening it.  

Some of the best CBD creams for athletes contain other beneficial ingredients like natural extracts and potent oils that help moisturize the skin.  

While topical creams work great, the best CBD bath products for athletes can also produce beneficial effects. Fizzy bath bomb soaks with cannabidiol will promote total body relaxation for those who place a lot of pressure on their bodies. 

As long as cannabidiol creams are used with moderation, there isn't really a limit competitors should be aware of. 

CBD Gummies for Athletes

When it comes to CBD and athletes, cannabidiol gummies are incredibly convenient. Competitors can fit them into a gym bag and take them with them to tournaments or the training arena. 

First-time users can try out using 10mg CBD gummies per day. After a week or so, it's not uncommon for competitors to move up serving amounts depending on their previous experience. 

There are no reported cases of overdosing on cannabidiol. Competitors should experiment with their serving amounts to find one that works for them. It's common for competitors to consume two to three gummies per day, although some may need more to experience cannabidiol's full effects.

CBD Oils for Athletes 

CBD oil for athletes comes in different forms: the oil itself and water soluble CBD tinctures. Both can be consumed sublingually, which is under the tongue. 

Evolution’s oil is pure cannabidiol. 

What is the ideal CBD oil for athletes?

Because CBD oil for athlete recovery isn't addictive, there is no real danger with consuming it in heavy amounts. However, competitors should be mindful of how much they consume every day.

Best CBD Products for Athletes

Have you been trying to figure out what CBD do athletes use? You should know that there isn't just one answer. The best CBD for athletes doesn't exist. Instead, an individual athlete's best CBD product will depend on the form (topical, gummy, etc.), and the serving amounts. 

You should also keep in mind that not every athlete will use cannabidiol in the same way; CBD extreme athletes may use their product differently than golfers. CBD endurance athletes won't need their product in the same way as sprinters. Even CBD oil for CrossFit athletes is unique. Whatever sport you play, the best CBD for athletes depends on your body and game. You may have to experiment with dosages and products to find the right product for you.