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A Commitment to Community Wellness

A Commitment to Community Wellness

By Evolution CBD   |   January 28, 2021

With so much out of our control it is truly empowering to take responsibility for one's own health, especially when it means keeping our communities safe. Here at Evolution CBD we are committed to community wellness and are proud to be doing our part by providing products that help support individual and community wellness. 

Evolution CBD provides a wide variety of products for you and your entire family! From Cleansing products to CBD Topicals, Evolution CBD is here to support you on your wellness journey.  

A healthy body & strong immune system means stronger defenses and faster recovery which helps support community wellness. Making it is especially important to be responsible for one's own health and well being. 

As Hippocrates once said "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool." We love this raw reminder that the person most invested in your well being should always be you. In this blog post we will explore how our Evolution CBD products can help you commit to community wellness through personal health. 


Nature’s Abundant Wellness Support

This past year has been an unforgettable and life changing rollercoaster. Though it has been challenging to maintain a balanced mental state during such turbulent collective changes we must remember that nature provides everything we need to survive. Evolution CBD is here to bring you access to one of nature's favorite herbs - Hemp! 

We are proud to work with such a sacred plant and we couldn’t be more grateful for nature’s many ways of providing love and nurturing care. We have been in the CBD business for over a decade and over the years we have come to genuinely appreciate the Hemp plant's ability to increase one's quality of life. 

Nature calls us back to her deep roots. We have wandered long enough, it’s time to use food as plant medicine, to connect with our communities and uplift each other through knowledge, health and wellness. 

Nature is abundant and forever providing. From immune boosters such as Elderberry, Echinacea and Rose Hips, respiratory aids such as Mullen to digestive aids such as Dandelion Root, St, John's Wort & CBD - nature has your back! 

CBD not only aids in digestion but it also helps regulate mood and supports your body to reach its natural state of homeostasis


Making Time for Mental Health 

One of the many ways to care for your overall wellness is to make time for your mental health. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate CBD into mental health checks are infusing your favorite tea with our Evolution CBD Water Soluble, practicing Mindful Meditation with our Evolution CBD Bath Bombs & mental retreats with our Evolution CBD Hemp Flower. 

Our Evolution CBD Water Soluble is one of our top products for good reason. Add your favorite flavor of Evolution CBD Water Soluble to a fresh brew of Lavender and Chamomile Tea for a special nervine relaxing treat. We appreciate the addition of CBD to this blend as CBD may help with occasional stress and uptight feelings.

 Evolution Water Soluble CBD Products

Another top selling product is our Evolution CBD Bath Bombs for sale. Treat yourself to a luxurious escape for the mind, body, and spirit. Soak & release in 30mg of CBD per bath bomb. Made only with nature’s best ingredients for maximum wellness. Our Evolution CBD Bath Bombs are Available in Lavender/Lilac, Tea Tree/Mint, and Oatmeal. Add a couple drops of Citrus essential Oil and Chamomile Flowers to compliment your CBD bath. We recommend meditating during your bath to help your mind relax and release stagnant energy and stress. 

Evolution CBD Bath Bombs Products

And for those of us who appreciate the relationship with smokable herbs our Evolution CBD Hemp Flower is the perfect addition to your self care routine. Experience the highest quality hemp flower for sale which contains less than .3% THC and is all available to purchase anywhere in the country! 

 Evolution CBD Hemp Flower Product

The Importance of Clean Spaces

Community Wellness has always been important here at Evolution CBD and through these tough times our definition of Community Wellness has only expanded as we’ve grown together in this new way of life. Through the current events we are reminded of the importance of cleanliness, especially in shared space. 

It seems quite silly really but we as a people have been distracted by comfort which has caused us to forget that which has kept our ancestors alive. So let this be your reminder to reconnect with nature & her healing ways, make your health a priority and keep your spaces clean & sanitized. 

As a company we have made it a priority to support and help one another and we are happy to be of service in doing our part to support community wellness. Very early in 2020 we realized that the needs for health and wellness had drastically changed and so we switched gears and began producing SanitizersCleansing Wash and a Cleansing Gel at our factory. 

 Evolution Cleaning and Sanitation Products

Top Selling Non Toxic Cleansing Products 

These products use an active ingredient called Hypochlorous acid which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, in addition to being highly effective against viruses and bacteria. We are proud to provide products that help support the health and wellness of all of everyone! 

Hypochlorous acid, or HOCl is the active ingredient in our top selling Cleansing products. HOCI is a weak acid naturally produced by the body’s white blood cells to fight against viruses and bacteria and it is commonly used in hospitals to clean patients’ rooms because of its disinfecting properties. HOCl is also used in wound-cleansing applications. 

Due to its non-toxic nature, hypochlorous acid can also be used in food production, including directly on food. In fact, it’s even used in eye-makeup remover as it’s an effective cleaning agent that tends not to irritate skin. 

It is important to note that the FDA and EPA both recognize the effectiveness and safety of this active ingredient.

Our Evolution CBD’s Hand Cleansing Gel is one of our top selling CBD products for sale. This handy on the go Hand Cleansing Gel comes in a 4 oz bottle, and serves as a safe cleansing gel for hands.  For regular hand cleansing uses, this deep cleansing gel is known for being highly-effective to fight against bacteria and germs. 


Evolution CBD is Giving Back

We are abundantly grateful for all of your support, we couldn’t do this work without YOU. In efforts to encourage everyone to commit to community wellness we are proud to present our HUGE Community Wellness Sale. This promotion will last for 3 whole weeks and will focus on our top products. Every week will be a different sale highlighting unique products. 

Take advantage of this great sale and commit to community wellness today!