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CBD Gift Set [2021]

CBD Gift Set [2021]

By Evolution CBD   |   November 13, 2020

As the countdown to the holidays begins, it's time to start thinking about what to add to your gift lists. For many this year, they're going the unconventional route with DIY CBD gift sets.

The cannabidiol (CBD) wellness trend shows no signs of slowing down, and its popularity has seen a surge of interest in various products. Tinctures, topicals, and other products can make excellent gift ideas.

So, if you know someone who'd enjoy a CBD gift in their stocking, then look no further. We've compiled a CBD gift guide to help you discover the wonders of this cannabinoid. Take a look at these great gift set ideas and go green this holiday season!

Try CBD Gifts for the Holidays

There's a lot of CBD Christmas gift packages available out there, and Evolution is here to help you with your journey. It's just about shopping the right product for the right person. When it comes to CBD gifts, you might want to make your choices a little more fun and festive.


CBD gift basket ideas with the best CBD gift ideas of the year, including,CBD topicals, CBD gum, CBD water soluble tincture, and CBD tinctures for dogs

Why not use CBD for Christmas stocking stuffers? There are lotions, lip balm, candies, and all sorts of small items that use natural ingredients. You can use these to give your friend or family.

DIY 420 gifts now accompany CBD gifts and goods for the first time this year. The fun CBD products you've known and love have some new, familiar cannabinoids joining this season...

Now, Delta-8 THC gift ideas have to be on the list this year. Complete your DIY THC gift basket with Evolution!

Psychoactive Cannabinoid Stocking Stuffers

Uplifting and euphoric, this was an unique year with multiple psychoactive cannabinoids being released, including, Delta-8-THC. For the first time since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, customers can now purchase psychoactive products from Evolution CBD to enjoy a euphoric psychoactive experience. And though some products like CBD pre-rolls won't get you high, you can get the head-change you're looking for throughout this season. Choose your favorite cannabinoid to serve as the perfect stocking stuffer this year!

CBD Preroll Flower next to festive holiday packaging of CBD hemp buds

Flower & Pre-rolls (from $14.99)

CBD cherry strain pre roll

If you're looking to purchase some top-shelf flower, we suggest you order it in the form of pre-rolled cones. You can gift CBD flower which contains full-spectrum industrial hemp. Plus, as it's already pre-rolled, it is ready to light up straight away!

Also, the pre-roll available in Cherry strain, is safe to smoke anywhere in the USA. It contains Delta-9 THC under the .3% legal limit with the third party lab report showing it's purity and potency.

The gift of CBD cones is a present in itself. The receiver doesn't need to take time assembling it!

Cannabigerol (CBG) Flower ($29.99)

CBG flower buds near jar of lemon cream diesel CBG flower jar

It was towards the end of 2020 when the CBG flower buzz began, and this cannabinoid has nearly surpassed CBD sales. CBG Flower bud is now available and it's the go-to cannabinoid for energy, concentration and focus. Looking for the best CBG flower?

Delta-8-THC Water Soluble ($49.99)

Delta 8 THC water soluble bottle

The most famous cannabinoid of all this year goes to: Delta-8.

This psychoactive cannabinoid is known for shaking up the entire industrial hemp industry. Delta-8 THC became the first cannabinoid to challenge the "THC" limit, as customers learned that there's more than one type of THC apart from the famous Delta-9 THC, as it's stated in 2018 Farm Bill.

Delta-8 isn't federally regulated -- a loophole in the law provided the opportunity for manufacturers to produce a psychoactive cannabinoid, Delta-8 THC, which is legal (in most states) as long the Delta-9 THC level remains at or below the Farm Bill's mandate of less than or equal to .3% Delta-9 THC.

Recommended Product: Delta 8 Water Soluble (dissolves in water, and can be mixed with your favorite drink). Have fun!

Popular Holiday Gift Sets - CBD Gift Ideas

Pair any two type of cannabinoid products together, and you're set with a holiday gift to be remembered. A CBD gift set could include any number of items. There are lotions, lip balms, candies, and all sorts of small items to choose!

CBD Gummies for holidays

CBD Gummies ($60)

CBD gummies product

As one of the most popular types of CBD edibles, who doesn't love a playful adult-only gummy?

An excellent idea for a stocking filler, 300 mg CBD Gummies will always go down a treat and help when having a sweet tooth. You can time gummy intake for specific needs, and some use these as night time gummies when it's time to unwind and relax. There's really no suitable alternative to gummies -- it's just about finding which serving amount works for you.

So, why not purchase a CBD gummies gift box: they are great for snacking and satisfying cravings!

CBD Oil Water Solubles (from $14.99)

CBD packages of water soluble CBD for the holidays

If you're looking for some fun CBD oil Christmas gifts, look no further.

You can find a wide variety of water soluble CBD oil in different flavors and strengths. There are even dietary water-solubles to add to your CBD oil gift basket that come in many fun flavors, too. From cherry limeade, grape, hemp, and lemon, you can even go full-on holiday season and order a Pina Colada flavored one!

An extra strength CBD oil could help with it providing 900 mg of CBD and since it's also a water soluble, it can be added to any drink. Made from full spectrum CBD and then nanoed using our proprietary nanotechnology, it enables you to feel the effects of the CBD much faster than conventional CBD oil tinctures.

Full-spectrum hemp oil CBD terpene tinctures are also available, if you prefer a more traditional gift. Alternatively, a 3-in-1 product allows you choose to take CBD sublingually, as a water soluble or use with your favorite device serving as our hybrid option. The 5mL CBD tinctures are also available.

Creative CBD Holiday Gifts

For the creative types, you might also make an advent calendar and purchase small supplements for each day of the advent. If you're new to this area of cannabis culture, you might feel a bit lost. Not to worry—we've got the inside scoop on the best products. Here are some lovely stocking fillers and popular products to give someone for the holidays.

Popular CBD Gifts for Women

When it comes to filling your lady's stocking, why not opt for these refreshing topicals. A CBD topical product can help maintain skin revitalization for healthy looking skin, even in concert to using cosmetics.

For example, you can use the Under-Eye CBD Serum under your makeup, as the DMSO ingredient penetrates the skin so that the CBD can enter into your system. From our serum with CBD oil under eyes, to a THC free topical serum, we have a range of products to replenish and relax the body!

CBD Bath Bombs ($14.99)

CBD bath bomb gift set for the holidays

A CBD gift basket for her could include one of our CBD bath bombs for sale which couples well joining a hot bath. With several scent blend options to choose, including, Lavendar/Lilac, Oatmeal, and Tea Tree/Mint, she'll be glad you went with Evolution for the perfect CBD gifts for her this holiday season.

The CBD bath bomb gift provides all the wellness benefits you want in a bath bomb, helping induce a peaceful state of calm. They include high-quality cannabidiol, providing the ultimate relaxation in the form of a bath bomb.

Complete your CBD bath gift set with bath bombs this season. What a great way to relax after those busy holiday festivities!

Skin Care Gifts

Now, everybody knows that skincare sets are an essential holiday present. There's not one person who doesn't get some form of lotion or self-care item during the holidays. Whether it's a CBD body cream or body oil, explore the CBD skin care gift ideas!

CBD Cream Gift Set

CBD skin care gift ideas

CBD creams make the best CBD gifts. From hydrating CBD body lotions to lip revitalizers which serves as a moisturizer, to replenishing CBD face cream — whoever you're buying for, there is something for them. Add one of our creams or serums to your topical CBD gift list.

250 MG CBD Topical Cream ($59.99)

product image of CBD 250mg CBD cream

  • 250 mg Creams - A 250 mg CBD Cream can make all the difference along with helping with the stress endured of the season as our topical cream may help relieve everyday aches and pains with 250 mg of hemp-derived CBD per jar. Feel better and get the relief you need without taking any pills or swallowing anything at all!

500 MG CBD Topical Cream ($109.99)

product image of CBD 500mg CBD cream

  • 500 mg Creams - The 500mg CBD Cream provides double the serving amount of CBD, providing 500 mg of hemp-derived CBD per jar for on-the-spot support. Get the relief you need without harsh chemicals or addictive medications.


450 mg CBD Topical Serum ($89.99)

CBD topical serum product

  • Topical Serums - Our CBD topical serum is great for location-specific support which penetrates the skin when applied to areas that need special attention. Feels like you're treating yourself to a spa day every time you use it!

All topical products are great to use on sore muscles, and help care for skin. Skincare products help improve skin tone and texture. Go on — give the gift of CBD skincare this Holiday Season!

Popular CBD Gifts for Men

What guy doesn't have a stash of snacks in his glove box?

Add to a CBD gift basket for him by including CBD chewing gum and minor cannabinoid, CBN, for a good night's rest.

CBD Chewing Gum ($19.95)

CBD gum product

Chew on this - Evolution has cracked the code for discrete CBD use. Our CBD gum includes eight pieces of gum with 7 mg of hemp-derived CBD per piece. Now, there's absolutely no reason to go without CBD during the anxious time of the holidays this season!

Cannabinol (CBN) Water Soluble ($99.95)

CBN water soluble product

CBN allows you to get a better night's sleep to wake up refreshed, and ready to go. With our extensive minor cannabinoid research, we have created the CBN water soluble which can be added to any drink. There is no reason not to have a restful sleep this holiday season!

CBD Gifts for Dogs

Pet dogs have endocannabinoid systems just like we do, and we want to look out for our furry friends, too, this holiday season. Pet CBD oil and dog treats provide dogs with the cannabinoids they need for the following reasons:

  • Ease joint stiffness associated with normal, daily activity
  • Supporting cardiovascular function & health
  • Helps maintain proper gut flora & gut pH
  • Supporting normal blood pressure
  • Supports healthy bone function

For your convenience, we've provided the pet CBD products for you below to consider gifting for the holidays.

CBD Dog Treats ($29.50)

CBD dog treats product

Evolution's CBD dog treats for sale ($29.50) make an excellent gift for the family dog. With 5 mg of CBD per dog treat, you'll have about 40 treats to for them during the holidays.

CBD Canine Tincture ($59.99)

CBD dog tincture product


A dog CBD gift basket isn't complete without a CBD canine tincture ($59.99), and we also have them available in THC-free. We know some dog owners still prefer to provide their pets with CBD sublingually, and you know these types of products can really help calm when loud noises and fireworks become more popular as we ring in the new year!

Making Your List

After checking it twice, hopefully you feel a little more prepared with this guide and ready to decide upon the perfect present to gift to your friend or family member. Checkout and save this Season!

Here at Evolution, we have some of the best Christmas CBD deals on the market. Whether you're shopping for your loved ones or known CBD lovers, our CBD doesn't contain marijuana which makes them federally legal to purchase anywhere in the USA. The limited time nature of the season, calls for a generous discount for you to try:

SAVE 30% OFF using Coupon Code EVOHOLIDAY30 at Checkout!

Select product options and select quantity of products at checkout for your CBD gift sets. Buy your holiday gifts today by heading over to our online shop — we've got plenty more products for you to relish in the holiday spirit!

Whatever you're looking for, we most certainly have it. If you're new to the world of cannabinoids, please don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. DIY Gift Packs are in this year and you can get your holiday list completed today!