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How to Use Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

Cannabidiol is the latest trend to sweep the nation ever since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018.  With the use of cannabidiol, consumers have many different options and this is partially due to the abundance of new CBD products being offered in the marketplace. 

Today, consumers have so many options and there is a demand for more explanation.  Afterall, the instructions for how to use CBD differs.  For example, the use of a CBD oil tincture is different than the use of a Evolution CBD water soluble product.  As the oil tincture is usually used by applying the substance under the tongue (used sublingually with the dropper) while the water soluble product can be dropped into your favorite drink.

Additionally, the CBD topical products are applied to the skin instead of being ingested.  We'll help guide you for using the CBD products.  From here, you might evolve the process on your own...


CBD Oils

The use of CBD oils can help you improve your wellness.  Here is how you might go about to use the CBD oils in your lifestyle.


Terpene Rich Hemp Oils

With our CBD hemp oils, you can use these by applying a 1/2 dropper under your tongue.  Here are the options for the choosing the right terpene rich hemp oils from Evolution:

Evolution Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture

Evolution Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture THC Free


Water Soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD is a product Evolution CBD introduced to the marketplace 5 years ago.  The purpose for introducing the first-ever water soluble CBD product was to provide an option to consume CBD in a better way.  Rather than placing the dropper under your tongue sublingually, with water soluble CBD, the product can be dropped into your favorite drink (eg tea, water, etc).  Here are the options for choosing the right water soluble CBD from Evolution:

Evolution CBD Water Soluble (30ml)

Evolution CBD Water Soluble (30ml) THC Free

Evolution CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble

Evolution CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble THC Free

Evolution CBD 3 In 1

Evolution CBD 3 In 1 THC Free


CBD Topicals

Topical CBD products are known for their use of applying to the skin.  Depending on your needs, CBD products can useful for gaining your CBD serving on various parts of the body.  Here are the options for choosing the right topical CBD product from Evolution:

Evolution Topical Serum (15mL)

Evolution Topical Serum (15mL) THC Free

Evolution Lip Revitalizer

Evolution CBD 250 Topical Cream

Evolution CBD Hydrating Body Lotion

Evolution CBD Replenishing Face Cream

Evolution CBD 500 Topical Cream

Evolution CBD Under-Eye Serum

Evolution CBD Bath Bomb


CBD Capsules

The pill capsule form of CBD is becoming more popular due to the measured amounts of CBD it provides in each capsule.  Here is the option for CBD pill capsules we currently offer from Evolution:

Evolution CBD Capsules


CBD for Pets

If you're looking for CBD to use with your pet, you need to check out these new pet products we offer.  Currently, we offer CBD tinctures for dogs since they're such in demand right now.  However, in the future, we plan to release additional CBD products just for pets.  Here are the options for choosing the right CBD pet product from Evolution:

Evolution Canine CBD Tincture

Evolution Canine CBD Tincture THC Free


CBD Gummies

When you're looking to gain your CBD for the day, and want something tasty, the gummy treats are a great product to help you accomplish your goal.  Here is the option for CBD gummies we currently offer from Evolution:

Evolution Gummies


Cannabidiol use can Save Money

It's no secret that the use of cannabidiol can help save money in the long-run.  Why do you use CBD?  For some people, it's just the use of a product to serve as an attitude object which can help spawn the feelings of relaxation and comfort in the body.  Other people swear that the use of CBD can improve their health and wellbeing, though, we're still awaiting factual information from the FDA to be released for how exactly this occurs.  Other people specifically use CBD products to assist the body's Endocannabinoid System as that's one of the main reasons why CBD products have become so popular.

It's no secret that taking action with a variety of preventative care techniques can help to improve quality of life.  The omission of potential added expenses in the future might be offset now to help save money while learning how your body evolves with the use of quality CBD products.