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Nanoenhanced Hemp Oil

Whenever you're searching for CBD products to buy online, you might come across the term, "nanoenhanced."  The term nanoenhanced, refers to the process of using nanotechnology for enhancing the product-- as the name implies.  However, we want to cover a bit more for what separates nanoenhanced products vs those types of CBD products that aren't nanoed.

Regular CBD vs Nanoenhanced Products

With regular CBD products, the consumer assumes that the product will provide the wellness benefits that the selected product proclaims on the label.  However, not all labels are correct.  Taking it another step, the consumer can review lab sheets for the CBD products, as any reputable CBD company will provide lab sheets with tests for each products being offered for sale.  To review the lab tests of our CBD products, click here.

The challenge with regular CBD products is that the consumer can also be mislead of the facts of the products that they're purchasing.  This can be true even if the consumer reviews the contents (on the product label) and reviews the lab sheets.  Why might this be so?

The reason for this is because even though the information may be true up to this point, the entire reason why someone is purchasing a CBD product is for the purpose of the CBD to enter into the body's bloodstream.  With nanoenhanced products, the CBD substance (within the product) is nanoed so that the CBD can enter into the bloodstream faster.

When you purchase CBD products from Evolution, you can buy with confidence knowing that our company has gone thru the rigorous efforts to develop our own proprietary nanotechnology which may be the contributing factor that the bioavailability can be up to 10x more bioavailable than any other CBD products on the market!

Nano-enhanced Hemp Oil for Sale

If you're looking for quality nano-enhanced hemp oil for sale, we have options.  Our products have been certified by the US Hemp Authority, and this can be partly attributed to our award-winning nanotechnology in conjunction with our manufacturing processes.  Being a seed-to-sale producer of CBD, you have options to buy our products directly from our online store or learn more about our nano CBD wholesale products that you can buy as a CBD distributor.